Membership is by company, and members can choose to attend meetings or just receive meeting notes.

  • We anticipate at least 4 meetings during 2020/21, up to a maximum of 6 meetings (including Zoom meetings).

  • Subscriptions are invoiced annually.

  • Members are encouraged to pay online via the Members Area of this website. If you would like to join the group, please email before using the "sign up" function, as membership is by invitation.

  • If you can't pay online and need to pay by invoice, there will be a small admin fee (the cost will be rounded up to the nearest hundred, so meeting notes only will be £100 plus VAT and so on).

  • Ad hoc attendance at meeting, if your company only receives meeting notes, or if you want to send more people than current subscription                     £20 per meeting per head, plus VAT


  • If you would like to attend a meeting before deciding whether to join the group, please fill in the form on the right, so your application can be approved informally, and a formal invitation sent out.

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Self help group members include:

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